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You may experience problems using Security Token Upgrade because your system does not meet the recommended software levels.

Please refer to the report card below for settings that can be adjusted to improve your experience.

Browser Report Card

DescriptionStatusDetails More Info
Operating SystemFAIL Your system is running Unknown. This OS is not supported. Supported Operating Systems
CPU ArchitectureWarn Your system's CPU architecture could not be determined. Please contact your company's IT Support team to identify your operating system.
BrowserFAIL Your browser (Generic crawler 2.0) is not supported by Scotiabank. You may experience problems with certain functions. Our support may not be able to help. We recommend you use or download Internet Explorer
CookiesFAIL Cookies must be turned on to use Security Token Upgrade. (Session Cookies available: false Persistent Cookies available: false) How to Enable Cookies
JavaScriptWarnJavaScript 0.0 detected. Please update your JavaScript

Rerun Tests
Your set-up requires adjustments in order to proceed, please refer to the "More Info" links or contact the help desk for assistance.